Robotic pharmacists at UCSF Medical Center enhance patient safety; Follow-up calls improve clinical outcomes, satisfaction;

> Hospital follow-up calls to patients help reduce readmissions and improve patient satisfaction, according to a yearlong study by Beryl. Press Release

> Although the impact of healthcare reform on the industry remains unknown, HCA expects a blockbuster return to the public markets, according to Seeking Alpha. Article

> Giant robots count and process medications at UCSF Medical Center, reports UCSF Today. The hospital pharmacy is using robotic technology to improve patient safety and so far, not one error has occurred in the 350,000 doses of medication prepared during the system's recent phase in. Article

> In just three days, Davis Memorial Hospital got a complete makeover, reports WDTV News. It renovated entrances, reception areas, and waiting rooms, as part of its commitment to putting patients first. Article

And Finally... The bigger, the better. Article