Rick Scott - 9 People to Watch in Healthcare

Name: Rick Scott

Location: Naples, Florida

Profession: Entrepreneur; former hospital executive

Fast facts: In 1987 Scott founded the Columbia Hospital Corporation (now known as the Hospital Corporation of America), but a decade later was forced out as chairman and CEO because of alleged Medicare fraud. In 2001, Scott was co-founder of Solantic, an operator of walk-in medical care centers. Earlier this year, he founded the organization Conservatives for Patients' Rights (CPR), which opposes the healthcare goals of President Obama. Scott also owns the largest industrial composite molder in North America, Continental Structural Plastics.

Why he's one to watch: Whether you agree with his goals or not, Scott's wealth, healthcare industry knowledge and smarts have put him in a good position to serve as official heckler for the Obama administration's healthcare efforts. Despite the licking he took at HCA, and a growing business to tend, Scott clearly isn't ready to give up the national spotlight where healthcare is concerned. While it's hard to tell how much he'll accomplish with his conservative crusade, he's already forcing left-wing healthcare groups to position themselves against him, which can only amplify his message. Expect to see more of him in the future.

Website: www.cprights.org