Report: Smartphone Use among U.S. Physicians Accelerating

September 27, 2007 (Dallas, TX) – Smartphones are rapidly emerging as the “black bag”
of the new millennium, according to a new report issued by The Diffusion Group. The
percentage of active physicians using Internet-enabled smartphones is expected to
increase from 49% in 2006 to 70% in 2011, a net growth of 51% during the forecast

According to Alex Kasten, consulting analyst with TDG and report author, the growth of
smartphone use among physicians is strongly correlated with the emergence of
compelling applications, solutions often defined and developed by physicians
themselves. “There is no doubt the mobile eHealth market is application-driven,” notes

“While a specific segment of doctors can be characterized as early adopters, most
physicians are incredibly pragmatic about incorporating new technologies into their
professional lives,” said Kasten. “Once the benefits new mobile communications
technologies become more obvious, however, medical professionals are quick to apply
these innovations.”

Kasten also points out that the benefits of using mobile eHealth technologies are not
limited to physicians: the hospitals that employ them and the patients they serve are
identifying practical reasons to use these solutions. For hospitals, the benefits are
numerous, including improved workplace efficiencies and quality of patient care.
Additionally, the “worried well” (that is, individuals who want to get more involved in
their own healthcare management as well as that of their aging parents) see great
value in using consumer-friendly mobile eHealth applications.

“Growing consumer adoption of smartphones, the pervasive availability of electronic health-related
information, and a cultural trend favoring self-health management all point to widespread consumer usage of mobile eHealth applications and services.”
TDG’s latest report on mobile innovations, Defining the Black Bag of the 21st Century: The Evolution of Mobile eHealth Applications, identifies the phenomena behind the expanded use of mobile eHealth solutions; assesses their relative impact on the healthcare market; describes key eHealth software innovations and solutions; and forecasts physician adoption in the U.S.

The report’s author, Alex Kasten, has spent almost two decades working with media and communications companies. His work has been featured in many market reports, as well as various popular and trade media including The Washington Post, e-Media
Professional, and Multimedia Producer.

Additionally, Alex recently served as a judge for
the 2007 CTIA Emerging Technology Awards in the category of Consumer Applications: Healthcare, Public Safety, and Transportation.

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