Remove hospitals from equation in battle against Ebola, mission group says

A Christian mission group said hospitals in West Africa facilitated the spread of the Ebola virus and leaders must combat the disease in new and different ways, NBC News reported. In the wake of hospital closures because healthcare workers were infected and killed, Franklin Graham, head of Samaritan's Purse, an organization that helps build hospitals, suggested starting stand-alone isolation units and distributing protective gear to families caring for victims. The containment centers shouldn't be near hospitals where sick patients, pregnant women and children can be exposed to the virus, Graham said. Some organizations, such as Doctors Without Borders, already implemented similar measures. "It is clear that what is needed at this moment is isolation," said Sophie Delaunay, the organization's executive director in New York. "To cut the transmission chain, the only way is to isolate the sick patients. This is why we need more beds." Article