Remote monitoring invaluable for reducing readmissions; 4 keys to exceptional patient experience;

Health IT News

> Personalized mobile health technologies and the maturation of the big data ecosystem in healthcare are among the top trends that will largely impact the future of the healthcare industry. Article

> Despite continuous innovation, an "anti-imaging bias" continues to loom over the radiology industry, according to Bruce Hillman, a professor of radiology, medical imaging and public health sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Interview

> Remote monitoring not only helps improve efficiency, outcomes and costs, but it also is invaluable for reducing readmissions, concluded a panel discussion sponsored by FierceMobileHealthcare at the mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C, last week. Article

Health Insurance News

> The health reform law's medical-loss ratio rule has forced insurers to rebate consumers about $1.1 billion and cut $350 million in administrative expenses. Article

> New Jersey joins the list of Republican-led states that won't establish a health insurance exchange. Article

Provider News

> Hospitals can deliver exceptional patient experience with four key ingredients--a provider's calling, empathy, compassion and making an emotional connection. Blog Post

> Looking at patients as people with purpose and passion can lead to better, more empathetic care. Blog Post

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