Savings for MSSP accountable organizations may not be driven by better coordinated care for high-risk patients, according to a new study.

Ten CEOs made this year's "notorious CEO" list for a variety of reasons: risky political views, promoting bad science, wreaking financial havoc…

The deal, if approved, would create the 10th-largest nonprofit, integrated health system in the country.

A new Senate bill designed to improve healthcare for veterans includes a provision allowing VA physicians to practice telehealth across state lines.

Scripps will soon move to a regional model, eliminating the CEO role at its five hospitals and taking actions to cut its costs by $30 million.

CMS is developing new payment models aimed at reducing the cost of pricey drug treatments.

A New York hospital that improperly billed 85 sexual assault survivors for forensic rape examinations must provide them with full reimbursement.

Spending on emergency room fees has increased steadily over the past several years as hospitals are more likely to code visits as severe.

Physician practices may not like the new Medicare payment system, but out-of-control healthcare costs mean they must move to value-based payment.

HHS will use President Donald Trump’s donation of his third-quarter salary to plan and design a large-scale media campaign that highlights the dangers of…