Record snowfall leaves Boston hospitals in critical condition

Boston hospitals managed to keep their doors open despite the crippling snowfall that has hammered New England for weeks. But it hasn't been easy. Non-emergency surgeries have been canceled to save bed space at Massachusetts General Hospital, due to a lack of capacity even though it has 999 beds, according to the Boston Globe. "Most hospitals are pretty full usually, but at this level it's close to unprecedented," said Paul Biddinger, M.D., medical director for preparedness at the hospital. MGH even hired taxis for patients well enough to leave, but who were stranded without a ride. South Shore Hospital has rationed linens. Other facilities worry their roofs will collapse due to the weight of the snow. The situation wasn't any better at Boston Medical Center, where staffers spent the night in order to work. "We know of numerous staff members who have walked considerable distances or even skied into work in order to be here for our patients," hospital spokeswoman Ellen Slingsby said. Article