Reaffirming our commitment to serve patients

Guest post by Kenneth H. Cohn

After New England snow storms, it felt like paradise to spend time in Cabo, Mexico, with its calendar sunsets and whale watches 20 yards offshore.

What inspired me to write this post was the warm greeting I received from my hostess Nancy at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica every morning, "Hola, Senor Cohn," which has inspired me to improve my service in future interactions with patients.

Other inspirations that strengthened my commitment to serve patients include that she made the effort to learn my name, which made me feel special. From now on, I will address patients by name every time I go into their rooms. Nancy also greeted me with a warm, sincere smile. I am now more aware of how my moods can influence other people and will brighten my affect before I step into patients' rooms. >> Read the full blog post at Hospital Impact