Reaction to Google Health service positive

More details are filtering to the surface after yesterday's "sort-of" launch of Google Health. The domain may not be active yet but the consensus is that the prototype of the new service is alive and kicking on Google's new Co-Op service. The initial response appears to be positive but there are a few dissenters. LeeAnn Prescott of Hitwise wonders if Google is overextending itself, noting that many of the search giant's recent offering have yet to catch on with surfers. Its always a possibility given how busy the search engine company has been of late, but Google's move to add user ratings to health care information to improve their reliability--one of the biggest problems on facing surfers--looks like a potential winner to us.

- see this article from Search Engine Journal

PLUS: The reaction within the healthcare community appears to be generally enthusiastic, given Google's recent dominance in healthcare search. Medblogger Enoch Choi turns out to be a early participant. If you're a specialist, or a practice looking to gain some attention, you may want to set up a profile and establish yourself early on. Blog

ALSO: Shares of WebMD Health fell as the markets took note of Google's move. Article