QuantiaMD Expert Faculty Surpasses 1,000, Covers all Top 20 Hospitals in US

Engagement Times Increase as Leaders in Medical Care Turn to QuantiaMD to Share Knowledge on a Mass Scale

QuantiaMD Expert Faculty Surpasses 1,000, Covers all Top 20 Hospitals in US

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, a leader in Physician Relationship Management, today announced it has doubled the size of the expert faculty on QuantiaMD, its physician community, which now includes experts from the top 20 hospitals in the nation. Average engagement time also continues to rise. A typical physician now spends 20 minutes per session consuming content and interacting with peers on QuantiaMD, making it an ideal platform to communicate and share knowledge. Today, thousands of physician experts from top hospitals, associations and government agencies have partnered with QuantiaMD to share important information and answer questions from physicians across the country.

In 2013, physicians from Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, National Jewish Health, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital partnered with QuantiaMD to deliver presentations covering various clinical, policy and performance related topics. Additionally, major government organizations such as the CDC, NIH and the US Air Force joined QuantiaMD to share information ranging from identifying chronic HCV infection to highlighting the benefits of physician jobs in the military. Finally, new presenters from medical associations such as the American Academy of Family Practitioners (AAFP) and Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) covered topics such as building patient-centered medical homes, coding for transitional care, and care coordination for the complex medically ill.

"QuantiaMD has hundreds of thousands of members, allowing the presentations within my asthma series to potentially influence practice patterns that affect millions of patients served by my colleagues in the community,” said Anthony Gerber, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, National Jewish Health. “The online discussion forum allows key follow-up questions to be answered, further increasing the impact of the presentation and highlighting areas in the field that could be topics for future educational outreach.”

Nationwide, 1 in 3 physicians visit QuantiaMD each quarter. Additionally, more than 50% of members visit QuantiaMD on a mobile device, which offers physicians the ability to start a presentation on their mobile device and continue where they left off on their computer.

“QuantiaMD is a top destination for physicians to consume content, learn from experts and connect with each other,” said Mike Coyne, CEO of Quantia. “The key to success is active engagement from our members. As our content network and activity has grown, so too has interest from health system clients who are using our platform to align clinicians around key topics, like clinical effectiveness and quality improvement. In 2014, we expect significant client growth in the health system market.”

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Physicians go to QuantiaMD to learn from top experts, ask them questions, and work together to improve patient care. Presentations are delivered in short 5-7 minute segments and include the ability for any physician from across the country to ask questions of top experts and engage them in discussions across a variety of medical topics. Quantia’s clients use the QuantiaMD platform to reach physicians and align them around key topics.

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