Quality-based reimbursement deal gives hope for real reform; HHS launches health IT blog;

> Screen resolution of smartphones, particularly Apple's iPhone, has gotten so good that handsets are now suitable for making quick, preliminary diagnoses of acute appendicitis, a new study suggests. FierceMobileHealthcare

> FierceHealthIT's Neil Versel believes that outcomes-based reimbursement is becoming more than just a pilot or a demonstration or an experiment. Commentary

> Dr. David Blumenthal, national coordinator for health information technology at the Department of Health and Human Services, is launching a new blog to help readers learn more about the ONC's work in healthcare IT. He said the blog would be a forum for consumers, providers, policymakers and technology experts to share their ideas and worries regarding healthcare IT. FierceGovernmentIT

And Finally... Talk about a pesky car salesman. Article