PYA ReformLoupe now offers some AHLA content

December 14, 2010    

PYA is pleased to announce that selections of AHLA content will now be available on the PYA ReformLoupe, a healthcare information website.

Ed Pershing, PYA president, said AHLA will have its own column on ReformLoupe and will post information of interest to healthcare professionals and other subscribers who are interested in compliance issues. PYA, a national top 20 healthcare management consulting firm headquartered in Knoxville, developed the website to collect the latest in news and commentary on healthcare reform.

"Having AHLA participate with us in this venture is a significant step for those who must stay informed on the rapidly changing healthcare environment," Pershing said. "Healthcare attorneys and the clients they represent have a significant voice in the implementation and outcome of healthcare reform.

"AHLA's educational content and materials are the best the industry has to offer and its contributions to ReformLoupe certainly enhance what is already being called the web's most comprehensive healthcare reform information source. We are pleased to be able to offer this resource to our subscribers."

Peter Leibold, AHLA's CEO, agrees that by helping to develop this educational tool, AHLA can add value to ReformLoupe offerings and increase its own visibility in the broader healthcare professional community.  "The materials that our members create for us are immensely useful to many non-attorneys who work in the healthcare field. Making a sample of our content accessible through this site will demonstrate that AHLA's education and information will benefit all members of the healthcare community.  We hope that users of ReformLoupe will also join AHLA," Leibold said. 

AHLA and other users of PYA ReformLoupe, which is free, can browse the website ( at will, and by selecting keywords can create their own customized column on the site. Another option for users is to have a daily email, based on the keywords chosen, sent to their inbox. A search feature also allows for searching a summary of the federal healthcare reform law.

Bluegill Creative Communications, a PYA affiliate-company, designed and maintains ReformLoupe.

In addition to Knoxville, PYA has offices in Atlanta, Austin and Tampa.