Push-ups: 'Man vs. Machine'

SCHERERVILLE, Ind., April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Cyborgs are ba-aaack! There is a new generation of terminators being sent here from the future, secretly masquerading as experts in the fitness industry. These terminators' mission is to introduce Cyborg Fitness, deceive the public, and finally, destroy the earth. Today they are deceptively marketing fitness gimmicks through magazines, TV infomercials and radio advertisements. For example, rocking lawnchairs that miraculously take inches off the midsection or Spinning Push-Up bars (batteries not included) that would be laughed at by military experts. These cyborgs are actually making us believe that their futuristic fitness machines are self-propelled. Have we become co-dependent on their gimmicks and machines? Are the cyborgs winning?

Abox Publishing is alerting all civilians by introducing Ted Skup's new book "Death, Taxes, & Push-Ups." Skup states that his push-up routine is propelled by only one thing: the human spirit.

As an authority on push-ups, Skup decided to write his book only after officially doing more than 10 million push-ups. "My book is the first and only guide ever dedicated entirely to the most explosive exercise on the earth -- push-ups!" he says.

Push-ups have always been perceived as a warm-up exercise until now. "This is not just an exercise, but a fitness lifestyle," Skup says. "My routines and formulas work wonders for men, women, and even children of any fitness level. Push-ups are fast-becoming today's 'Horizontal Jogging.'"

Skup declares, "As a leader of this Cyborg Fitness Rebellion, I'm going after the 35-billion-dollar fitness industry." In Skup's book, he explains why the industry is clearly failing us with its bogus claims, magic bullets and quick fixes. Although the fitness industry may not want to hear it, push-ups are free, require no equipment, and are totally portable. They work for busy executives as well as people with tight budgets.

Ted Skup is announcing today that he is taking down these Fitness Terminators with his push-ups along with the most powerful weapon on earth: The Truth.

Skup's definition of good health is having a sense of well-being. "Death, Taxes, & Push-Ups" will be your guide to reaching that goal.

SOURCE Abox Publishing