Provena takes charity care fight to state supreme court

Provena Covenant Medical Center, an Urbana, IL based hospital, will fight for its tax exemption status in state supreme court, following a state appellate court that questions its charity care efforts, reports the Chicago Tribune. The hospital claims that it provides millions of dollars of free and discounted medical care services every year.

"The appellate court opinion runs counter to the law, facts and evidence of our case, but also unfairly impugns the proud history of charitable and religious mission service by Provena Covenant Medical Center," Jon "Cody" Sokolski, chair of Provena's board said. "The ruling also impacts on the very ability our hospital to continue caring for all regardless of their ability to pay."

An investigation led by the state's department of revenue found that Provena Convenant's charity care was less than 1 percent of its revenue. Last month, state appellate court justices sided with the department of revenue's findings. Provena's ongoing court battles have received considerable attention, while state and federal agencies and legislators are questioning whether hospitals around the country are meeting their tax exempt obligations and providing sufficient charity care to the uninsured and underinsured. Provena Covenant is one of six Catholic hospitals owned by Provena Health which also has facilities in Aurora, Danville, Elgin, Joliet and Kankakee.

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