Promising approach for treating foodborne ilnesses discovered; Plane crash may raise profile of San Francisco hospitals;

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> A new study offers a promising new approach for treating foodborne illnesses. Article

> A Cleveland, Ohio man was sentenced to two years in prison after his conviction in a $1.9 million healthcare fraud scheme. Article 

> The Asiana flight 214 plane crash in San Francisco may raise the profile of Bay Area hospitals, perhaps leading more people to think of their hospitls when they need care. Article

Health Payer News

> Aetna inadvertently included more than 18,000 students' Social Security numbers on health insurance brochures the insurer mailed out across the country. Article

> Highmark has announced it will launch an "accountable care alliance" that will pay a network of about 500 hospitals and doctors up to 30 percent more in reimbursements for keeping patients healthy. Article

And Finally… Holy Cow. Article