Proactive double mastectomies on the rise, but not helping women live longer; Obstacles to ROI on innovation centers

> Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital say more women proactively opt for double mastectomies in what is sometimes called the "Angelina Jolie effect," but it isn't helping them live any longer. Mehra Golshan, the chair of surgical oncology at the hospital, spoke to the Boston Business Journal about the findings. Interview

> Although creating an innovation center has many benefits, there are obstacles a hospital must face in order to reap the full effects, according to an Executive Insights report. Establishing an "innovation" initiative requires strategy, a systematic approach and, most importantly, time. Article

> Bimal Patel, president of Connecticut's Backus Hospital and Windham Hospital, talks about what it means to be part of a larger system (both hospitals were aquired by Hartford HealthCare in 2012) in an interview with the Norwich Bulletin. "At the end of the day, we can't be hospital-centric, we have to be ambulatory-centric, where we take the care to where patients are and we continue do to that as much as possible so a majority of care is as close as possible," Patel said. Article

Health Payer News

> Now that the Affordable Care Act's third open enrollment period has come to a close, Obama administration officials have turned their attention to ensuring that as few customers as possible drop their coverage. Article

> Two new reports from the federal government provide more details about who signed up for Affordable Care Act plans during the most recent open enrollment period, how they chose coverage and what they paid. Article

Health IT News

> For Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Chief Medical Information Officer Rick Riggs, one of the biggest challenges in population health is the spillover effect of managing multiple populations simultaneously. To that end, his health system is in the process of building registries that enable providers to visualize their work. Interview

> The transition to ICD-10 hasn't necessarily gone as smoothly for the revenue cycle industry as it has in some other areas of healthcare, according to Holly Louie, 2016 president of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association. Article