Prism Health Networks is Now Palladian Muscular Skeletal Health

WEST SENECA, N.Y., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Managed-care services company Prism Health Networks has officially changed its name to Palladian Muscular Skeletal Health.

The name change became official with a vote of the company's board of directors on June 1.

The new name is part of a larger initiative to re-brand the former Prism Health Networks as a unique comprehensive, integrated muscular skeletal -care provider, that integrates physical therapy, chiropractic and physical health and fitness with primary care to provide optimal outcomes for their health plan clients and their members. Palladian's focus is on medical specialties that address muscular skeletal injuries, ongoing wellness and the coordination of care. Palladian's Clinical Advisory Board, made up of nationally recognized professionals from a cross-section of muscular skeletal health specialties, is a unique resource for clinical expertise and guidance regarding muscular skeletal health symptoms, conditions and treatment options.

"We are excited about our new name, Palladian Muscular Skeletal Health," said Paul Candino, president and chief executive officer of Palladian. "We are especially looking forward to expanding our service focus nationally, and establishing ourselves as a model for muscular skeletal healthcare delivery. We are dedicated to improving the coordination of patient care, enhancing the clinical effectiveness and efficiency of caregivers, and ultimately improving the quality of people's lives. As part of our initial 're-branding' launch, we will have a significant presence at the America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Conference at San Francisco later this month where we look forward to the opportunity to present our vision for muscular skeletal healthcare delivery."


Palladian is focused on muscular skeletal healthcare, specializing in care that integrates physical therapy, chiropractic, and physical health and fitness with primary care. The integrated clinical model is what sets Palladian apart, with timely collaboration among experienced medical professionals helping to establish the most effective treatment protocols, all while containing costs. Palladian's core belief is: "building strength through knowledge." The company is dedicated to improving the quality of people's lives--coordinating patients' care, as well as enhancing the clinical effectiveness and efficiency of caregivers. Optimum health outcomes translate into satisfaction and cost savings for members, providers and health plans alike.

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