Primordial Providing Services to Three Healthcare Organizations for Radiation Dosage Monitoring and Reporting

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Primordial, a leading vendor of communications, workflow, quality management and analytics applications for the medical imaging market, announced today that in Q1 2011 three US healthcare organizations have licensed and deployed primordial solutions to help them with their radiation dosage monitoring and management. The three organizations are: Cleveland Clinic, Ohio; Christiana Care Health System, Delaware; and NYU Langone Medical Center, New York.

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. Cleveland Clinic performs over two million annual studies in Radiology, including several hundred thousand CT examinations performed at over sixty modalities across multiple physical locations. In an effort to improve dosage information, Primordial developed and customized a solution to the customer’s specific and exacting needs that extracts the dosage information from various DICOM sources. Despite the complexity of the solution, Primordial was able to deliver a fully operational program in several months, and was operational in March 2011.

Christiana Care Health System approached Primordial at the end of 2010, expressing a desire to reduce patient radiation exposure and risk by not only collecting cumulative patient dosing history, but by presenting this information to care providers. In early 2011, Primordial installed its DoseMetrix system, and ChristianaCare deployed it for use by ED physicians in March, 2011. According to Kert Anzilotti. M.D., Chairman of the Radiology Department, “Christiana Care’s path forward is to provide the radiation score information in CPOE at the time of order entry. This real time added information should influence the prospective risk / benefit analysis of imaging examinations as they are being considered and may alter utilization patterns of high dose diagnostic exams.”

NYU Langone Medical Center has engaged Primordial to collect CT radiation dose data and create a database to allow them to analyze the data. NYU Langone is planning a pilot program to present this data to radiologists when they are using Primordial’s electronic protocolling system as well as exploring how to best incorporate this data into decision support systems for referring physicians. In addition, NYU Langone intends to use this data to conduct research on patient radiation exposure risk levels for various exam types. Primordial's DoseMetrix was installed and will be live in July, 2011.

Karan Bajaj, Primordial Director of Engineering, notes that its current customers show different interests and approaches to Radiation Dose Management: “It appears that some of our customers wish to institutionally reduce radiation dose and subsequently monitor diagnostic impact. Others wish to catch patients with a large number of CT scans and make that information available to ordering physicians. And yet others want alarms when thresholds are exceeded on specific patients or exams. It’s clear there is a lot of need here.” Harpreet Rana, Primordial’s lead designer for DoseMetrix, added, “Not only do our customers have diverse needs, but we learned very early on that there was tremendous variability in dosing parameters across various vendors, and even, amongst different versions and models of their own products. Primordial’s DoseMetrix platform was built to handle this.”

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