Chronic disease management improved the more primary care clinics implemented components of a patient-centered medical home model.

A resolution adopted by the AMA perpetuates “long-standing turf wars” between some physicians and nurses, one leading nurses' organization claims.…

The Department of Veterans Affairs may merge its healthcare system with the Pentagon's, and many veteran groups are unhappy about it.

The opioid epidemic is costing the U.S. significantly more than was previously thought, according to a new White House report.

After being caught up in allegations of fraud, Outcome Health has lost partnerships with several organizations, including the AMA.

When Medicaid pays doctors less money for the care they provide, new patients have limited access to primary care appointments, a new study found.

CMS has issued a proposed rule that would update the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs. 

You’ve no doubt heard of OpenNotes, but is the next step OurNotes, where patients actually contribute to their doctors’ notes?