With the acquisition of Twine Health, Fitbit looks to carve out a bigger foothold in the healthcare market and bolster its impact on wellness programs.

The opioid epidemic has cost more than $1 trillion since 2001—an amount that will likely grow over the next several years.  

Trump's 2019 budget proposal prioritizes funding for key administration goals like combating the opioid epidemic. 

Atlantic Health System's new approach to care for patients after hip and knee replacement surgery has led to cost savings.

The number of confirmed cases of Candida auris in the U.S. has climbed from seven in 2016 to at least 200.

Obesity among American adults continues to rise and so do the healthcare costs associated with the condition.

The healthcare industry is already following some best practices for prescribing opioids, but there are areas where it must improve.

A Penn State University team will build a research "collaboratory"to take advantage of big data to improve population health.

Texas hospitals' response to Hurricane Harvey reveals lessons that can help providers better prepare for wide-scale disasters.

More low-income people now live in suburbs than in cities or rural areas, putting a strain on local health services.