Police consider L.A. patient dumping charges

City attorneys have gone on the warpath over allegations Los Angeles-area hospitals are dumping patients on the city's infamous Skid Row. Now, the police have gotten involved as well. The LAPD has begun investigating charges that two more hospitals dumped patients on the street, following up on an investigation that has focused on several of the city's high-profile hospitals. 

Hospitals targeted this time include Veterans Administration Hospital of West Los Angeles, which is accused of discharging a man to a Skid Row homeless center despite his stating that he didn't want to go. The charges also extend to Western Medical Center of Anaheim, Calif., which allegedly discharged a psychiatric patient to a homeless shelter delusional and without his medication.

Wow. Between this and the troubles at King/Harbor hospital, it kind of makes me glad I'm not sick in L.A.

To learn more about the investigation:
- read this Associated Press piece

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