Plastic medical products can expose premature babies to harmful chemical; NJ passes law to include caregiver instructions with hospital discharge notes;

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> Plastic medical products used to care for premature babies in hospitals may expose the infants to high levels of a chemical that could harm their health, according to a new study published in the Journal of Perinatology. Study

> New Jersey is now the second state in the nation to pass a law that requires hospitals to provide patients' caregivers with instructions and training on how to carry out their responsibilities when their loved ones are discharged from the hospital, reports. Article

> The Wall Street Journal takes an in-depth look at incidental findings during medical tests and highlights new tracking systems that help staff at emergency departments and trauma centers prevent worrisome discoveries from falling through the cracks. Article

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> Hospitals in more than a quarter of states charge rape victims for all or part of their post-assault exams, Channel 3000 reported. Article

> The intransigence of the Sunshine State's lawmakers over expanding Medicaid eligibility will cost the state's hospitals billions of dollars over the next several years, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Article

And Finally… Going on a tiger hunt. Article