PhRMA fights to keep rebate in reform bills; Maryland rate-setting success catches attention;

> The folks at pharmaceutical industry group PhRMA are working to make sure their vow to offer $80 million in savings to the federal government isn't forgotten. At least some versions of the federal reform bill don't include such an agreement. FiercePharma

> In Maryland, hospitals' rates are set by an independent commission, a policy that seems to have done something to stabilize their income. The question is, can it the state's success be duplicated on a national level? FierceHealthFinance

> These days, EMR vendors are getting clever when it comes to finding ways to suck up some of the stimulus dollars dedicated to health IT. FierceEMR

> While public policy makers are completely sold, it seems that your average Joe Consumer still has little idea why EMRs or health IT generally can do anything to improve their care, according to FierceEMR editor Neil Versel. Column

And Finally... Well, at least it wasn't something fatal causing all of that coughing. Article