Pharmaceutical Leaders Leverage SAP HANA and NextPrinciples to Extract Real-Time Insights

Insight-To-Action Real-Time Analytics Enable a Wide Variety of Use Cases for the Pharmaceutical Industry

MILPITAS, Calif., May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- NextPrinciples, a leader in social analytics and engagement, today announced the release of real-time sentiment analytics leveraging SAP HANA® One to their Insight-To-Action platform. NextPrinciples is presenting with one of their pharmaceutical customers on May 16th at SAPPHIRE NOW to discuss the benefits of real-time sentiment analysis. The presentation comes on the tail of NextPrinciples recently becoming one of the first vendors certified on the SAP HANA platform.

NextPrinciples will in part focus their presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW on two groundbreaking case studies on the use of social media in the pharmaceutical industry to dramatically improve reaction time and save lives. The use of the real-time analytics feature by a pharmaceutical company helped it to detect a potentially lethal product safety issue on two separate occasions. With the help of NextPrinciples, the company was able to proactively recall the products and prevent the loss of human life.

"Another one of our customers is using our platform to harness the power of social media to gain real-world insights by engaging with medical experts across various social media channels," said Satya Krishnaswamy, founder and CEO of NextPrinciples. "The speed by which they attained those insights would have been unimaginable without the use of Insight-To-Action."

Pharmaceutical companies today are faced with the challenge of sifting through and reacting in real-time to the large volume of chatter on the social web. NextPrinciples' Insight-To-Action platform powered by SAP HANA allows companies to process millions of interactions in real-time to deliver deep, actionable insights. Companies can then take those interactions and easily integrate them into leading CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM.

"The healthcare industry is undergoing a digital revolution as consumers, healthcare professionals and clinicians leverage the power of the web to connect with others and research new therapies," said Jim Lefevere, a Digital Health Scholar with the Digital Health Coalition. "NextPrinciples with its unique analytics, engagement and integration capabilities, is at the forefront with an innovative platform that enables organizations to understand their competitive positioning, optimize their strategy, allocate their investments and offer a more consistent customer experience."

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Based in Milpitas, Calif., NextPrinciples was founded in 2010 and has pioneered Insight-To-Action, an integrated social analytics and engagement platform designed to help medium-to-large organizations create, manage and monitor lasting relationships with customers, influencers and prospective customers through all channels, social or otherwise. NextPrinciples has technology alliances and go-to-market partnerships with Microsoft, SAP and SugarCRM and has gained recognition by many institutions such as SNCR, Enterprise 2.0 conference, CRM Idol, ZDNet's CRM Watchlist 2013 and most recently Beagle Research's CRM WizKids competition.

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