Pharma's agreement to cut $80B sticks; Speeding liver donations with BlackBerrys;

> It looks like the pharmaceutical industry's agreement to cut $80 billion in costs is the only sacrifice it'll have to make in the name of the reform. The White House has come out publicly to affirm that it's not going to support steps to demand more cuts from Big Pharma. FiercePharma

> In Birmingham, England, they've begun a two-month trial of transplant coordination on BlackBerrys to match liver donor to recipients as quickly as possible. FierceMobileHealthcare

> It's no joke: Apparently, researchers have successfully used live mosquitoes as vehicles to deliver a malaria "vaccine." FierceBiotechResearch

> Healthcare consultant Anthony Cirillo offers his view as to why firefighters can look death in the face every day and somehow enjoy their work, while healthcare worker internalize their struggles and burn out. Hospital Impact

And Finally... That's what you get for barking at a dog who has powerful friends. Article