Pharma gets White House nod on banning drug reimportation; State budget crunches push hospitals to cut more staff;

> While President Obama endorsed the practice of reimporting cheaper foreign drugs during his campaign, it seems that pharmaceutical companies have changed his mind. FiercePharma

> As if the direct effects of the recession aren't enough, hospitals are being hit a second time by slashed state budgets, with many considering a new round of staff cuts in response. FierceHealthFinance

> A Minnesota non-profit group has set plans to roll out an electronic health data network across 18 counties, a venture which would embrace 400 medical provider organizations. FierceEMR

> A pair of studies examining the use of telemedicine to treat diabetes have given the approach a mixed report card--clinical results improved somewhat, but costs remained high in proportion to the results achieved. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... Most people are afraid to open their mouths at the dentist's office, much less expose their naughty bits. But this guy had other ideas. Article