Pharma ambivalent on health reform; Academia-pharma embrace hard to break;

> Will pharma actually throw its weight behind health reform, as it has promised of late? A recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal suggests "maybe not." FiercePharma

> In theory, it's possible to extract academia from the embrace of pharma over time. But in all practicality, it's going to be challenging--at best--to actually make it happen. FiercePharma

> World Health Organization officials met with the world's top vaccine suppliers this week to discuss whether to create a global stockpile of swine flu vaccine. FierceVaccines

> How should you deal with the "alpha doc," the tightly-wound, Ivy League-school achiever used to getting his way? Dr. Kenneth Cohn has some suggestions. Hospital Impact

And Finally... Won't someone think of the children? Article