Pfizer reorg could cost $6B; Scientists cure Type 1 diabetes in primates;

> Here's a fat number for you: It's looking like it will cost Pfizer $6 billion just to complete its latest restructuring. FiercePharma

> If this can be reproduced in humans, it could be huge breakthrough. Scientists have announced that they were able to cure Type 1 diabetes in primates by transplanting embryonic pancreatic tissue from pigs--as the embryonic cells were able to grow into a new pancreas. FierceBioResearcher

> California patients will now know exactly where to complain if they don't like how their doctor treats them. The state medical board has just approved a new measure requiring doctors to put a sign up telling patients where to reach the board, including both phone and online contact info. Article

> While the swine flu scare may have been overblown, it did give health organizations a chance to test-drive social media tools they hadn't really tried before in an effort to spread the word about H1N1. Article

And Finally... Don't you hate how slow those young people move? Article