Performance improvement should first target chronically ill; Supreme Court completes arguments on health law;

> A report from The Commonwealth Fund Commission confirms that the first "experiment" for performance improvement should focus on the chronically ill, which makes up a significant segment of healthcare spending. Report

> Drug distribution giant McKesson Corp. has settled a Medicaid billing lawsuit, according to the Associated Press. The company will pay more than $190 million to resolve claims that it defrauded Medicaid by reporting inflated prices. Article

> As organizations gear up for the June 15 deadline, Health & Hospital Networks Daily offers tips on how to apply to become part of the next round of ACOs. Organizations should first determine why they want to apply. Article

> UC San Diego researchers tested a model hospital during a fake quake and showed that isolators--giant shock absorbers--can minimize impact, The San Francisco Gate Chronicle reported. Article

> The U.S. Supreme Court this week completed arguments on the health law, according to Reuters. Now the industry must wait, for as long as two months, to hear the fate of the health reform law. Article

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