Peer-to-peer software creates security risks; Poor economy leads to uptick in insomnia, antidepressant scripts;

> Watch out: It appears that if peer-to-peer file sharing software is lurking on your systems, it could expose your patient data to hackers. FierceHealthIT

> Here's a small upside (for pharmas) in the economic troubles of the hour. With the economy scraping bottom and people feeling the pain, prescriptions for anti-insomnia and depression meds are being dished out far more often. FiercePharma

> A team of researchers has concluded that a modified smallpox vaccine has proven to be extremely effective at guarding mice against bird flu, offering a bit of new hope in fighting the coming pandemic. FierceVaccines

> It now appears that a new hormone therapy may offer an approach to treat alcoholism. The drug, Dostinex, reduced levels of drinking in rats without changing their behavior otherwise. FierceBioResearcher

And Finally... Circuses beware: The Brits have instituted a clown crackdown. Article