Pediatrics groups launching child abuse treatment specialty

For about 10 years, a group of doctors has worked to get the American Board of Pediatrics to offer a specialty in the treatment of child abuse. Now, at long last, it seems that it may actually happen.

The first exam in this specialty should be offered nationally on Nov. 16 of this year, and will be offered in alternate years thereafter. This time around, about 225 physicians are expected to take the test; those who pass should get their certificates by January 2010.

In the past, some professional societies weren't sure that there was enough professional and scientific information available to be used to develop a specialization. However, these days there are thousands of scholarly articles, and a growing number of textbooks, on the issue.

Not only are these specialists expected to treat abused children, they'll also be in demand to teach medical students about child abuse detection and treatment, observers say.

To learn more about this specialty:
- read this American Medical News piece

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