Patient saw 50 doctors in one year to feed hydrocodone fix; How to reduce orders for drugs dangerous to older patients;

> Detectives arrested a man in Louisiana for seeing more than 50 doctors in one year at hospital ERs to obtain hydrocodone, the Sulphur Daily News reports. Article

> A specially programmed computer warning system can significantly reduce doctors' orders for drugs that pose a danger to older patients, according to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Abstract

> Health insurance specialists anticipate that the new health reform law could herald pricier premiums for mid-sized companies, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Article

> Nanodiamond coatings could help knee and hip replacements last longer than 10 years, physicists at the University of Alabama in Birmingham say. Article

> Readable clinical trial consent forms in English do not always get translated into readable consent forms in other languages, according to a study in IRB: Ethics & Human Research. Article

And finally... It apparently wasn't cooked. Article