Patient Outcomes Improve with Tele-ICU Ventilator Rounds

Patient Outcomes Improve with Tele-ICU Ventilator Rounds

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A study measuring results of daily scheduled ventilator rounds via a tele-ICU platform documented enhanced patient outcomes, including a significant reduction in the duration of time that patients spent on mechanical ventilation and improved adherence to low tidal volume strategy, which has become the standard for comparison in evaluation of newer strategies for lung protection.

These findings were presented during the annual conference for the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST), by Thomas Kalb, M.D. medical director for Advanced ICU Care, the nation’s largest independent tele-ICU provider.

“Due to an aging population with increasing medical needs and a nationwide shortage of intensivist physicians who specialize in critical care, hospitals are turning to telemedicine in the ICU to provide the highest standard of patient care and to also maximize clinical and operational efficiencies,” said Dr. Kalb. “This study shows how multidisciplinary ventilator rounds including tele-ICU intensivists improves both clinical and operational efficiencies. Reducing the amount of time that patients are on ventilators is especially important, because the longer a patient is on a ventilator, the greater the chance that complications might occur.”

This study focused its observations on community hospitals with tele-ICU services during both pre and post-ventilator round implementation. Multidisciplinary ventilator rounds required the participation of tele-ICU intensivists who utilized the two-way cameras and monitors to communicate directly with the bedside respiratory therapist and the designated nurse on staff. A checklist, which was pre-populated by the tele-ICU nurse and nurse practitioner, was utilized to compare ventilator settings, CXR review and a liberation readiness evaluation.

“Tele-ICUs proved to be an integral component in the process improvements for ventilator rounds at these respective hospitals,” Dr. Kalb concluded. “This is yet another example of how these programs support hospitals by driving best practices to achieve quality patient care every day.”

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