With the acquisition of Twine Health, Fitbit looks to carve out a bigger foothold in the healthcare market and bolster its impact on wellness programs.

Physicians still order unnecessary medical tests for patients, and it comes at a high cost.

Clinicians are so focused on fixing problems and saving lives that they often avoid talking to patients about their prognosis.

Atlantic Health System's new approach to care for patients after hip and knee replacement surgery has led to cost savings.

Asking patients about their goals helps ensure their medical care fits their life plans, Stanford researchers say.

A payer-led initiative in Pennsylvania offers important lessons on how to design a behavioral health home model.

The Trump administration weakened federal oversight to ensure health plans sold on the ACA marketplaces maintain a sufficient number of physicians.

Oregon Health & Science University called the transplant policy “archaic” and immediately terminated it.

CMS is proposing that physicians limit initial prescriptions for opioid painkillers to just seven days.

Almost half of physician practices may be missing out on an opportunity to generate revenue by providing annual wellness visits to Medicare patients.