OZ Systems Builds on Long-Term Partnership with Children's National Health System

OZ Systems Builds on Long-Term Partnership with Children's National Health System

OZ Systems

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, a leading provider of public health information systems has built on a long-term information technology (IT) partnership with Washington, D.C.-based (CNHS) in the development and implementation of a first of its kind web-based, information system for (CCHD). The system captures point-of-care pulse oximetry screening information from hospitals and securely provides access to CNHS for newborns referred for follow-up care after screening. CNHS is an internationally recognized thought leader in screening for CCHD.

OZ Systems partnered with CCHD screening program leaders, Dr. Gerard Martin and Elizabeth Bradshaw Mikula, MSN, RN, CPN to ensure that the essential characteristics for a robust healthcare IT system would enable decision support and data interoperability while fostering excellence in newborn screening. Lisa Hom, RN Esq. joined the CNHS team to work with OZ Systems on implementation of the CCHD system.

“There’s more to early detection and timely care than just doing a test. Having the ability to improve safety and efficiency for our health professionals and also giving a clear view of results and follow-up for each baby is important for our hospitals and for public health agencies,” said Dr. Gerard Martin, Senior Vice President, Center for Heart, Lung and Kidney Disease; Medical Director, Global Services; and head of the CNHS Congenital Heart Disease Screening Program.

The CNHS has been in practice since 2009, and has assisted hospitals and public health programs around the country and internationally, providing a model for implementing a quality program. The team created a CCHD screening toolkit that has been sent to over 1200 hospitals, associations and advocates who have expressed interest in improving detection of serious CHD in the newborn period. The inclusion of a child health screening information system closes an important loop and facilitates the optimal care of newborns.

OZ Systems’ partnership with CNHS is an extension of work that began 17 years ago with Emeritus Director of Speech and Hearing, Dr. Gil Herer. “CNHS needed a patient-centric information system to support Dr. Herer’s groundbreaking early work in newborn hearing screening. He established a network for Maryland, Virginia and D.C. hospitals that followed clear screening and reporting protocols,” explained Terese Finitzo, CEO of OZ Systems. “CNHS provided early hearing domain expertise to this network of linked hospitals in the management of each child. OZ Systems implemented one of the first state of the art screening information systems.”

The expansion of the new CCHD information system also builds on OZ Systems’ establishment of an . The electronic record is established at birth, integrates early hearing with genetic and metabolic screening information and can grow as the child does. The deployment of these critical health information systems for newborn care further demonstrate OZ Systems’ clinical and administrative value to both public health and birthing facilities nationally and internationally.

By developing and implementing the world's smartest information technology platforms,  bridges the information gap and helps children and families thrive through improved data accountability, performance measurement, quality, certification, and electronic reporting for public health and early childhood education.