Over 30,000 Physicians Use Doximity to Securely Collaborate

In Just Seven Months Professional Medical Network Signs On 5% of US MDs, Double that of LinkedIn






SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Doximity today announced it is the largest professional network for physicians on the web, with more than 30,000 doctors registered on its platform.


The Doximity network, which provides a HIPAA-secure communication platform for doctors to connect and collaborate with their peers, now boasts twice the number of registered U.S. physicians as LinkedIn. In just seven months since launch, the network has commanded five percent of its target market, a feat that took LinkedIn more than three years to accomplish.


"Doximity is filling a real void in medicine by enabling physicians to connect with colleagues, specialists and former classmates and co-residents to expand their network, grow their practice and consult with one another about patient cases," said Jeff Tangney, Doximity founder and CEO.


Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, Doximity membership is reserved for the medical community, including general practitioners and specialists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This exclusivity ensures privacy and security, as well as a higher level of professional communication and collaboration within the HIPAA-compliant platform. At Doximity, physicians use their real name and verified credentials to establish and share their professional expertise. Since Doximity is inaccessible for the general public, it affords a more authentic, private and better quality conversation among physicians.


"On average, primary care doctors interact with over 250 different specialists each year," Tangney said. "For the most part this is still done the old-fashioned way — via fax, pager, and sticky note — but doctors can now handle referrals and consults directly from their mobile Doximity app. It's much more convenient for the physician, and it connects the patient with the specialist they need right away—no more back-and-forth between receptionists, scheduling desks and departmental admins."


In addition to its HIPAA-compliant SMS text messaging system, Doximity enables physicians to securely fax directly from their mobile phone or personal computer to any physician—both inside and outside the Doximity network.


Doximity also provides tools to help physicians grow their practices. Monthly email notifications alert users to new physicians in their area, giving Doximity members the option to immediately send a welcome letter to these new colleagues and share a bit of information about their availability and area of specialty.


Getting started with Doximity is free and takes just a few minutes. The site creates a basic profile using data from public databases.  Then physicians simply fill in additional details or upload their CVs. Doximity will then suggest connections to other healthcare professionals in the area, including med school classmates, co-residents, and those affiliated with the same hospital. Doximity members can even search for colleagues with specialized training who have published in specific areas, or with involvement in specific clinical trials.


To get started with Doximity, visit www.doximity.com.


About Doximity

Doximity is the largest medical professional network with over 5% of US physicians as members. With Doximity, physicians can quickly connect with any U.S. physician to securely collaborate on patient treatment or identify the appropriate expert for patient referrals. Doximity is available on the web, iPhone and Android.



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