One-third of doctors don't accept credit cards; New Hampshire hospitals in trouble;

> A new study suggests that one-third of doctors still don't accept credit cards, though acceptance rates are much higher in certain specialties. FierceHealthFinance

> New Hampshire hospitals are in serious trouble, it seems. According to a new survey, a full 85 percent are deteriorating financially. FierceHealthFinance

> Personal health records are still a new idea, and not everyone's sure they're helpful. But what if you used portable PHRs to help patients visiting foreign lands to get healthcare? FierceMobileHealthcare

> For a while now, EMR backers have claimed that a national, interoperable system of electronic records will improve patient care. But at least one physician is arguing that they're dead wrong. FierceEMR

And Finally... This man may not like salesmen, but he overreacted just a little bit. Article