Ohio AG warns of H1N1 scam

Apparently, there's no problem that scammers can't turn into a profit bonanza. This time, con artists have targeted fears of the H1N1 virus to steal people's personal information--at least in Ohio--according to the state's Attorney General.

The scammers are sending around an email announcing a "state vaccination H1N1 program," loaded with a virus, which is purportedly from the CDC. The email encourages people to create a personal vaccination profile, bringing them to a website that looks similar to the CDC site.

The page, which includes downloadable instructions for creating a personal profile, allows strangers to access that person's private information from that point on.

Don't be surprised if such scams turn up in your state, county or city. Panic over the scarcity of the H1N1 virus is an identity thief's dream, and what's more, attacks like these are easy to launch. Keep your eyes peeled on this issue.

Get more information on the scam:
- read this bulletin from the Ohio Hospital Association

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