Offer part-time option for docs delaying retirement

A new survey confirms what many hospital executives have witnessed during the past decade; physicians are in fact delaying retirement, according to staffing firm Jackson & Coker in a survey released yesterday. Although that might seem like good news to those struggling with open physician slots, the survey encourages organizations to consider offering part-time work to these physicians, given their personal situations.

For example, slightly more than half (52 percent) of physicians say they changed their retirement plans since the recession hit. They cited reasons of healthcare reform uncertainties, no longer enjoying the work, rising costs of business, family concerns, and depleting personal finances, according to the report.

Out of these physicians whose plans have changed, a quarter (25 percent) of physician respondents said they find locum tenens or part-time assignments appealing. Although a fifth of physicians (21 percent) continue at their current pace for the same employer, others are looking for a new position (16 percent) or leaving medicine all together (14 percent), according to a Jackson & Coker press release.

"In addition to providing an ongoing income source, part-time assignments allow physicians to bring their experience and skills to hospitals and communities where physician access can be a challenge," said Jackson & Coker President Sandy Garrett in the press release.

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