Ochsner Health System Cuts Application Delivery Time By 66% With iRise Enterprise Visualization

New Orleans’s top medical center enables stakeholders to ’test drive’ simulations of clinician software, cut project time by 6 months

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- iRise®, the global leader in enterprise visualization solutions, announced today that Ochsner Health System, southeast Louisiana’s largest multi-specialty healthcare delivery system, has completed a major EMR (Electronic Medical Record) renovation project dramatically faster through the use of iRise visualization. According to Ochsner project managers, the estimated nine-month project—an upgrade to a key module in the EMR system used by nearly 40 health centers—was not only finished in just three months, but also with 50% less cost, improved stakeholder involvement and higher overall project quality.

Ochsner Medical Center, recently named the top hospital in the New Orleans metropolitan area by U.S. News & World Report and one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals in the Thomson Reuters National Benchmark Study, has used iRise for more than a half-dozen other software development projects. The application renovation, Ochsner’s largest such project to date, was initiated to address usability issues with the results delivery application.

“Accelerating delivery of changes to our EMR by 66% is transformational,” said Kent Boyer, Ochsner Medical Center’s Director for Clinical Systems. “Not only does this improve our IT efficiency, but let’s doctors and nurses focus on what’s most important – the patient.”

Using iRise, Ochsner software specialists were able to create interactive simulations of the EMR improvements, a system that is used by 700 doctors and over 4,000 total clinicians across the Ochsner Health System family of facilities. In short, concise meetings with physicians, nurses and other clinical personnel, users were able to fully experience and “test drive” the simulations; their feedback gave developers an unambiguous guide for what to build, greatly shortening the development process.

“Often our clinicians will have only a few minutes to review new EMR capabilities, so we have to be hyper efficient about their time,” continued Mr. Boyer. “In just 10-15 minutes our business analysts are now able to walk clinicians through realistic simulations of the software. It reduces frustration on all sides and results in a more natural, intuitive application that lets our clinicians focus on patients, rather than the software itself. iRise is also making our business analysts and developers more productive as well.”

Ochsner Health System has leveraged visualization from iRise on projects that include:

  • Re-engineering a system used for electronic delivery of patient test results, making it a practical solution for all specialties,
  • A design for a major new part of the EMR: a system that allows patients and their doctors to proactively monitor long term health
  • Changes to the ePrescribing module of the EMR
  • Changes to the EMR’s diagnosis navigator

“iRise is a powerful way to save time and money for all kinds of companies,” said Maurice Martin, COO, president and founder of iRise. “In the case of health care providers like Ochsner Health, more intuitive customer experiences for clinicians translate directly to improved patient care and better clinical outcomes. Realizing these benefits quickly through iterative simulation testing is a sound strategy for providers everywhere.”

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iRise is the world’s leading provider of enterprise visualization software for business applications. Visualization has become a critical competitive advantage for businesses to more effectively communicate their needs to technology teams and give everyone involved the ability to interact with and fully experience applications before they are built. Companies of all sizes like General Motors, UPS, FedEx, Haworth, Manpower, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and hundreds of others use iRise to “test drive” their applications before building, which accelerates time to market, improves customer experience, and drives cost down. At iRise, our vision is that by 2020, all business software will be visualized before being built, the same way that every car, airplane, and building is visualized today. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., iRise is backed by Morgan Stanley Venture Partners, and Deutsche Bank, and has sales offices across North America and in London. For more information, visit www.irise.com.

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