NY clinics faced with patients' preference for hospitals; Early alert system could reduce readmissions;

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> As hospitals close, healthcare officials hope to fill the gap by opening smaller clinics, but New Yorkers' preference for hospitals is complicating their efforts, the Wall Street Journal reports. Article (registration required)

> An early alert system that connects emergency departments and 24-hour heart failure teams could drastically reduce readmission rates, MedPageToday reports. Article

> Due to a computer error, Missouri's Department of Social Services may have e-mailed the personal information of more than 250,000 Medicaid recipients to the wrong addresses, KSHB reports. Article

> A conservative group is raising eyebrows with a series of anti-healthcare reform ads that aim to discourage young people from signing up for insurance exchanges, the New York Times reports. Editor Juliet Lapidos calls the ads "as offensive as they are derivative." Article

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> Although there have been mergers and acquisitions involving hundreds of hospitals in the U.S. in recent years, they reflect only a small part of the overall acute care landscape. Article

> Since the state of Kansas moved its Medicaid population into managed care earlier this year, hospitals in the Sunflower State have collided with the tight-fistedness of commercial insurers. Article

And Finally… 13 isn't the only unlucky number. Article