Nurses reject hospital concessions; Protestors demand transplants for undocumented immigrants;

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> The Danbury (Conn.) Nurses Union rejected hospital concessions because of pay practice changes, including the elimination of evening and weekend shift differentials and adjusted overtime payments, reported the Danbury News Times. Danbury Hospital officials say the proposal would have saved 25 nurses from unemployment. Article

> A group of 40 hunger strikers are camping outside Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago to demand transplants for undocumented immigrants, reported the Chicago Sun-Times. Article

> Junior doctor changeover in August is associated with the worst clinical outcomes due to failure by junior doctors to identify deteriorating patients and poor prioritization skills, according to the Royal Society of Medicine. Announcement

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> Despite all the promise for big data to improve care and cut costs, implementing an effective strategy can be pretty overwhelming, concedes Irfan Khan, senior vice president and chief technology officer at SAP Database and Technology. Article

> Three-dimensional simulation technology via Second Life could be the basis for a new tool to help surgical residents fine tune their patient management skills, according to research published in the August edition of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Article

And Finally... Don't tidy up--A messy desk can instill more creativity. Article