Number of unread heart-disease tests at Harlem hospital exceeds initial count; Real reform requires quality and outcomes data;

> Those 4,000 unread heart disease test at Harlem Hospital Center reported on last week? Go ahead and tack another 1,000 on to that list. The unread tests date back to 2005, not 2007 as previously thought, reports the New York Times. Article

> FierceEMR's Neil Versel, who has openly admitted to being skeptical of the current health reform efforts, talks about how meaningful use of EMRs might be the "Trojan Horse" of real health reform. Commentary

> An experimental breast cancer vaccine being advanced by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic has been in the media spotlight for much of the week. Inside the center ring is immunologist Vincent Tuohy, who determined that a vaccine targeting the protein alpha-lactalbumin found on the surface of cancer cells effectively protected mice engineered to develop breast cancer. FierceVaccines

And Finally... Those must have been some pretty good waffles to go to all that trouble. Article