NTRR and Partners Offer Critical Assistance to First Responders as Panic Over Ebola and Enterovirus Spreads

NTRR and Partners Offer Critical Assistance to First Responders as Panic Over Ebola and Enterovirus Spreads

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With fears over deadly diseases such as Ebola and Enterovirus sweeping the nation, Neutra Corp. (OTCBB: NTRR) and joint venture partner (S2O2) reached out to some of the nation’s most at-risk first responders this week to offer a little peace of mind. The companies have partnered to market and develop a cutting-edge antimicrobial coating capable of eliminating viruses, germs and pathogens on contact, and are now offering to donate antiviral surface treatments for healthcare and law-enforcement equipment and facilities.

In January, S2O2 acquired , a Texas-based company that specializes in advanced, anti-microbial coatings for germ-infested environments, including hospitals and locker rooms. The company’s safe, non-toxic treatment needs only to be applied four times a year in order to provide 24/7 protection from potentially deadly viruses and infections.

This summer, the joint venture continued adding top college and professional sports teams to its client base, with the University of Texas, Baylor and SMU opting for Zero-Blast. Now, NTRR and S2O2 are offering the same high-tech treatment to at-risk personnel in and around Dallas, Texas, where a man died of Ebola last week.

“We are contacting police, fire and ambulance services in the area to offer to treat their facilities, vehicles and equipment at no charge,” said NTRR CEO Chris Brown. “Although Zero-Blast products have not been tested on the Ebola virus or Enterovirus, specifically, their virus-fighting capabilities are real and documented.

“We want to help any way we can, and we feel it’s our duty to offer these heroes antimicrobial protection that will not wear off,” he added. “Unlike other disinfectants that don’t last, Zero-Blast’s products last up to 90 days on all surfaces, providing long-lasting protection from disease and infection.”

Zero-Blast already counts seven major universities and 16 CrossFit gyms as clients, as well as dental offices, physical therapists and a police department. By targeting large institutions with its services, the company hopes to help prevent the spread of highly infectious and potentially deadly diseases.

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