NIH treats American Ebola patient; New Jersey residents want increased nurse staffing;

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> Maryland lawmakers have proposed a bill that would require hospitals to provide instructions for home care of discharged patients as well as contact information for community programs that could assist them, according to the Maryland Reporter. Article

> A poll commissioned by New Jersey's largest nurses union found that most of the state's residents would support a law to set a maximum number of patients per nurse, but hospital officials and nursing executives say the poll oversimplifies the issue, NJ Spotlight reported. Article

> Flu season may be winding down, but some St. Louis, Missouri-area pediatric hospitals have reported a high number of patients admitted due to illnesses like respiratory syncytial virus and late-season influenza, prompting space concerns at the facilities, according to the St. Louis Business Journal. Article

> The National Institutes of Health's high-level containment facility in Bethesda, Maryland, is treating an American healthcare worker who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, according to NBC News. Article

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> Lawmakers in Connecticut and Oregon, concerned with the continuing rise of healthcare costs, propose bills to make the cost of delivering care more transparent. Article

> Scholars with Mathematica Policy Research in the District of Columbia note in the most recent issue of Health Affairs that there could be an effective way to repair the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula for good. Article

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