NIH head mulls royalties from pharmas using federal research; Report questions value of remote ICU monitoring;

> The new head of NIH is considering a radical strategy under which pharmas would have to pay royalties on drugs developed following federally-backed research efforts. (Now that must be popular with the pharmas.) FierceBiotechResearch

> A new report suggests that it's still unclear how valuable remote ICU monitoring is, despite the fact that some 9 percent of ICU beds use some form of telemonitoring technology. FierceMobileHealthcare

> A public health research organization has concluded that monitoring chronic conditions remotely in older adults can make a big difference in their health. FierceMobileHealthcare

> HHS has toughened up its rules on how providers must report on privacy breaches, and also detailed what hurdles PHRs must jump to prove that they've made destroyed information unusable. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... It seems that carved stone or canvas-based nudes are OK with the Metropolitan, but live ones aren't. Article