NIH doctors protest leadership shake-up at organization's hospital; 11 deaths at California hospital linked to contaminated medical scopes;

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> National Institutes of Health doctors are standing against an outside panel's report that an unsafe culture existed at NIH Clinical Center, which led to a shuffling of senior leadership at the facility, The Wall Street Journal reports. Article

> The Pasadena Public Health Department determined that 16 patients at Huntingdon Memorial Hospital, 11 of whom later died, contracted dangerous bacterial infections from contaminated scopes, according to an article from the Los Angeles Times. Article

> A former medical technician at Northwest Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle tested positive for HIV, fueling concerns that he may have exposed patients to the virus while stealing injectible drugs, writes the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Article

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> There is no gray area and no compromise when it comes to informed consent. What patients deserve is to be fully aware of their options, and anything less than that is wrong, writes John Mandrola, M.D., a clinical electrophysiologist at Baptist Medical Associates in Louisville, Kentucky, in Medscape. Article

> Persistent misconceptions have kept physicians wary of telemedicine, even in the face of its growing popularity among patients and payers, according to an article in Medical Economics. Article

And Finally… Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair. Article