NH to appeal hospital tax ruling

New Hampshire's attorney general will appeal a judge's ruling that the state's hospital tax, which brings in $185 million a year, is unconstitutional to the state Supreme Court, Boston.com reported. Federal Medicaid regulations allow the tax, but the court will decide if it passes under the state constitution, said Senior Assistant Attorney General Mary Ann Dempsey. If upheld, the ruling would mean hospitals could ask the state to refund more than $100 million in tax payments for 2014 and lawmakers would have to allocate money from general tax revenues to fill the financial gap for Medicaid and other state spending, according to the article. Last week, Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Philip Mangones ruled the Medicaid Enhancement Tax violates both the state and U.S. equal protection clauses, because the state levies the tax on hospitals but not on other healthcare providers in the state. Article