New York makes H1N1 vaccine available to all

New York's governor has asked providers to make the H1N1 vaccine available to all living there, rather than limiting access to a subset of high-risk groups. The governor said that this is a particularly good time for state residents to get the vaccine, especially since many are traveling for the holiday.

To date, the state has received more than 5 million H1N1 doses, and this week it will get an additional 500,000 doses. Now, the federal government is predicting that growing amounts of the vaccine will be available in coming weeks.

Until now, the vaccine has been distributed only to children over the age of 6 months, healthcare workers and those with conditions that otherwise would weaken them, such as diabetes and asthma.

To date, the H1N1 flu has killed about 10,000 U.S. residents, including 1,100 children and 7,500 younger adults, according to CDC.

To learn more about New York's H1N1 plan:
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