New York another front in retail clinic battle

Here's another dispatch from the retail clinic world--or battle, as it seems fairer to say of late. According to a report, it appears retail clinic operators are making plans to expand aggressively in New York. Not only are its major cities national tastemakers, there's also a large concentration of well-educated, influential consumers there with a high tolerance for retail concepts. What's more, one in six New York city residents is uninsured, giving them an extra incentive to use such clinics.

That being said, New York state regulators are investigating whether drugstores are improperly influencing on-site providers to increase pharmacy business. Such investigations are spurred, at least in part, by angry physicians who contend that retail clinics pose a threat to consumers without further regulation. Looks like retail clinic operators are going to face a bit of a slog here, as they are in several other states.

To learn more about retail clinics in NY:
- read this New York Times article (reg. req.)

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